Full Sail Alumni Plunder! Internship

- Written by Admin on March 12, 2012 October 2011:

Plunder! is pleased to offer an internship to Full Sail graduates! The perks are credits on the final version of the EduGame, product development and project management experience, and the opportunity to join students and Full Sail faculty on this dynamic project. Interns will also face the challenge of creating a game that is not only educational but also fun, and this will look great on portfolios and resumés!

The program is available only to Full Sail alumni, and we’re seeking producers, programmers, artists, and animators. Alumni who are not in Orlando will also be considered to participate remotely. Commendations go out to all, especially Shawn Paris, Robert Martinez, Pete Bandstra, Steve Akehurst, Liam Hislop and Mike Lebo for promoting the Internship. For more information, please click on Internship under Get Involved.

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