Spring Break CE Plunder! Game Jams

- Written by Admin on March 22, 2012 April 10-12, 2012: In this series of Spring Break CE game jams, a collaboration of plundering pirates from multiple departments will continue with the development of Plunder! The project started in order to assist our students to enhance their communication skills for broader employment opportunities. This is a 3-day workshop and you’re welcome to be present for all sessions but it’s understandable that you’ll want to attend other CE classes. We’re mainly looking for programmers, artists, animators, designers, producers and researchers/writers (English/Language Arts). We’re also in search for a male with an authentic or convincing British accent for voiceovers. Once you’ve registered on Fac Dev to attend, you’ll receive further details before the first game jam. Come and join the fun as we build an EduGame for a great cause!

When: April 10-12 (Tuesday-Thursdays)
Where: Bldg. 3C-102
Time: 10am-4pm (Lunch break from 12-1pm)

Justin Gallo
Chris Keeling
Lester Frederick

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